The origins of Lyudè

From far away Australia to amazing Sicily :
a long journey, bringing innovation and beauty as bounty.

The Microcitrus Australasica, whose origin is Australian, is a precious citrus fruit endowed with many healthy properties. It found a new home on the fertile Sicilian lands, where it is now cultivated with care and dedication, in order to preserve its unique characteristics.

From Sicily with Love

This is a story of love, or rather passion, for our Sicily, an authentic land of bright colors and luxuriant nature. Lyudè beauty ritual is rooted in this magical place : a triangle island made of magnificent landscapes, cliffs on the sea and superb beaches, fiery volcanoes and crystal clear seas, remains of Greek and Roman architecture and Baroque monuments, mixed and unique flavors. From Sicily we have gathered fragments of emotions, colors and fragrances to transform them in high quality cosmetics. It is on this warm and fruitful land that we cultivate the valuable raw materials used for the skincare line called Lyudè.
È dalla Sicilia che prendiamo frammenti di emozioni, colori e profumi trasformandoli in prodotti cosmetici altamente qualitativi. È in questa terra calda e prosperosa che coltiviamo le preziose materie prime che danno vita alla linea skincare firmata Lyudè.

Our mission

We believe in beauty, but it goes beyond appearances. We wish to help each individual to have an incredibly healthy, beautiful and radiant skin and to feel good about oneself.
We innovate but still maintain a sacred and intimate bond with Nature. We cultivate the Finger Lime on private plantations to safeguard its quality. We create high quality products by using an exclusively “made in Italy” production chain.
Our objectives in terms of quality are always higher, with ideas, projects, team and products always closer to consumers’ demands, so that the inner beauty of each individual can last for many years.



Finger Lime of Sicily



As its key ingredient Lyudè has chosen an exceptional raw material, a citrus fruit full of wonderful properties : Microcitrus Australasica, better known as Finger Lime. Our special bonds with Australia made it possible for this fruit to reach the Sicilian soil, famous for its exceptional productivity, where it is cultivated with care and passion on private plantations with a view of preserving all its quality.

The anti-ageing power of the Sicilian Finger Lime

This expensive fruit, highly sought-after in the culinary field, is the protagonist of many gourmet dishes ; in the cosmetic field however, its valuable properties result in a prodigious anti-ageing action.
This is due to its alpha-hydroxy acids, which cause a light peeling by stimulating the TRPV3 receptors set on the skin keratinocytes. The activation of these receptors enables the transfer of calcium ions and thus the peeling process; as a result the skin is regenerated by the stimulation of new collagen fibers.
Day after day the skin appears firmer, more radiant, silky and young. This is the reason why the finger lime has been selected as the main ingredient of the Lyudè line, in synergy with other active natural ingredients.

The beauty ritual

Using special and innovative extraction technics, Lyudè uses the characteristics of the finger lime to the full in order to create a real beauty elixir for the skin, namely a precious complex of vitamins and acids with anti- oxidant, lightening, soothing and anti-ageing properties.
Nature’s power generates the beauty ritual of Lyudè: an enchanting ceremonial induced by the fresh and enveloping perfume and unique and refined texture of the serum.


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